Saturday, November 30, 2013

Marhaba, Dubai

I'm on the balcony of my short term digs, watching the sun set behind the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. I'm here.

The days prior to take off were a little anxiety-making: rapid succession emails saying first
-you'll have an apartment here. and then next
-there are no available units there, so somewhere else. and then
-you might be in this hotel longer than anticipated. and then
-you won't go to that hotel after all but instead you'll be in more of an apartment style extended stay hotel in case you have to stay a month...
sharp dressed attendants
there were also back and forths about the impossibility of the anticipated cat shipment date but co-workers came to the rescue and so all systems are go for Butternut to arrive Dec 18 (he'll stay with a cataloger I haven't even met yet.) For a few days there, I didn't get much sleep.

the view flying in
After some teary goodbyes and largely uneventful long flights (I am a big fan of the snappy uniforms of the Emirates Air flight attendants, they call to mind more of a golden age of air travel), I was met at the airport by the Marhaba (welcome)  Service. I was escorted through immigration, baggage claim and customs- it was crazy efficient and I felt a little rock star taking special lines and lanes and the lovely young woman who was my escort mentioned that the University didn't even spring for the top of the line service so I can't imagine what a real rock star- as opposed to a librarian- experiences. she took me to the driver who then took over ferrying me here- to my hotel/ apartment.

I've spent the afternoon here, mostly taking a long bath and epic nap but also checking out breakfast and doing a little unpacking. I'm going to venture out shortly to a mall on a shuttle bus to hit up an ATM and find something for dinner.

sliding doors go to balcony
My room is pretty amazing. I suppose at the end of a month, I might be less impressed but upon walking in, I was wowed. I have a full kitchen, a little dining area, a guest bath as well as the master bath, my balcony, and the bed is super comfy. The shuttle that goes to the mall leaves shortly so I'll end for now, but there's a chance this will be a two post day- especially if that meg-nap leaves me awake this evening.
my kitchen  has a tiny little washing machine

my bedroom

Friday, November 15, 2013

Last days in SLC

It's my last day as Library Director at Westminster College. I'm leaving things in the hands of an amazing group of colleagues. I'm proud of what we've done together with this lovely little library. We've worked hard and played well together. I thank you all.

I also go sign the papers on the sale of my house today.I really lucked out when I picked the Cleveland Ave. house. Oh, I knew going in that it was cute and historic and had nice trees. I didn't know how amazing my neighbors (both those just 'cross the street and those a little bike ride away) would turn out to be and how much they'd bring to my whole SLC experience. I'll miss you guys a bunch! And I'll miss sitting on the deck watching the dog walkers headed to "the" park (because Liberty Park is the only park for me) and having the perfect spot to view the Pioneer Day fireworks and raking massive piles of bright yellow leaves to jump in in the fall.

But it's on to camel markets and palm trees, new friends and colleagues waiting to be met. I head to the midwest for an early Thanksgiving with family and to take my cat to MI and then I fly back to SLC for a brief 24 hour window. I leave in the evening on Thanksgiving, November 28th. I stop in JFK and then on to DXB on Emirates Air's big double decker airbus. Wheee!